Friday, February 3, 2012

Catching up

Thanksgiving was spent at our cabin this yearIts was FREEZING!!! We went on our annual christmas tree hunt and I'll be honest... It wasn't as fun this year because it was like 10 degrees and it took us FOREVER! Henry spent most the time in the car while the others ventured out.

Snowball fight with uncle Judd

most days were spent sledding down the hill and all sorts of snow fun

Henry refused to get on a sled and thought sliding on his tummy was more fun!
Charlie is convinced he is going to be a pro snowboarder, and he is actually really good

There was a lot of leaf raking this year and we had a blast doing it!I know this picture is out of focus, but I love it!

HaLlOwEEn! We are a tad bit obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean at our house (well charlie is)so that was our theme.Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner
Captain Jack!
and the cutest parrot I've ever seen!

Our baby turned 1, can you hear my sobbing? We LOVE LOVE LOVE her!


Melissa said...

Oh my an update! I love love their costumes! And, that last pic of Rosie is ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to hang out least for a fe months. We found a house down on Imperial so not too far.:)


Oh goodness! I LOVE this post. What adorable Halloween costumes! Your children are beautiful and those darling fall and snow pictures are to die to for!

God lives in me said...

omg how beautiful ,espacially there costumes .